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Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes

All our bikes are personally delivered. We do no believe customers should have to deal with unreliable couriers or wait in all day for box to arrive. It is not the level of service we provide, instead we strive for excellence without compromise. We personally deliver within 2.5 hours of our address (please call us if you live further away).  

We recognise that once you have experienced the pleasure of e-biking you do not want to miss a minute. This is why we include a free loan bike at no extra cost in case of any warranty issues for bikes purchased from us. Something other companies charge extra for. This service is also available for free for non warranty work. 

Our bikes start at £999, all brands are hand selected by our product manager to ensure we sell class leading e-bikes at each of our price points. They range from our entry level models which look great and perform equally well to handmade European e-bikes which offer cutting edge technology and performance to match from brands such as Bosch, Yamaha and Shimano. 

We recognize the importance of both quality components and the assurance of a two year warranty on the electrics of all our bikes including the battery. This is what we ask from all our suppliers, after all if you have confidence in your product you expect the electrical components to last. To back this up we offer a free personal collection service in the event of a warranty issue.  

We do not believe in selling on the internet as nothing beats the feeling of trying different e-bikes and finding your perfect partner, without the need for any divorce proceedings. Never mind the chance of making an expensive mistake, this is not dating you should not have to buy several bikes to find your Prince or Princess. 

Located on the beautiful North Norfolk coast and with rolling hills nearby (it is true Norfolk really has hills). Our location is ideal for a day trip, what could be better than trying e-bikes and tasting award winning fish and chips?  


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