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Christmas & New Year Opening Hours

We would like to wish all of our customers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We will be closed from Thursday 24 December at 12pm and reopen on Monday 4 January when normal hours will resume. In the event of an emergency please call 07812996648.


A2B Obree Turning Heads


In the British Museum's Designs of the Year Award online head-to-head, where the public vote for one of two transportation award nominees, A2B's Obree wins the vote by a massive 79%. Each year the Design Museum in London announces shortlists for a range of innovations from across different industries including fashion and architecture. A2B are proud to announce that the Obree has made the final after crushing the competition in the public vote. Success is catching as the bike has also been nominated for an award by the German Design Council.

The Obree was achieved by using new manufacturing methods and via detailed work on the frames. As a result the weight was reduced by hydroforming and the seat tube was produced in one piece increasing strength. Signifiacnt adjustments were made to the system and components. With more countries becoming ever more urban and population growth e-bikes will become a greater part of the transport mix. They are small, nimble, and cleaner than most other forms of transport, hugely cost effective and providing inspiration for years to come.

2014 Bosch Active Line and Performance Systems

Bosch Performance Line

Bosch's new 2014 drive system is already grabbing the headlines with the design awarded a Red Hot Design Award. There are two main versions of the system: Active Line and Performance Line. The former is found on most bikes while the later is found mainly on bikes prices at £2500 and above. The Performance line is more sporty with assistance up to 275% (up to 60nm torque) provided while the Active Line provides up to 225% assistance (up to 48nm torque) and as a result a longer battery range making it ideal for touring.

One of the key differences from the 2013 system (now referred to as Classic) is the smaller sprocket size. This works as the gearing is inside out with one pedal revolution equalling two and a half turns of the small sprocket. The advantage of this is that it is more difficult for the chain to come off and also gives a higher ground clearence.

Another key difference is the number of readings the three sensors take (speed, cadenance and torque) which is now 1000 readings per second compared to 200 per second on the Classic system.

The batteries options remain the same (300wh and 400wh) however they now slot into position much easier particularly in the case of frame mounted batteries. They also support charging directly on the bike. The remaining differences are largely cosmetic e.g. slightly larger Intuvia Display and new motor design.

More information is available through Bosch's e bike website:

We are a UK Bosch dealer so carry diagnostic equipment and provide full Bosch servicing to any customers buying bikes through us.

Our KTM and Riese und Müller brands both have the latest Bosch motors. If you prefer we have some offers on AVE e bikes with the 2013 Classic Bosch system.

Wisper 905 Classic Recieves Rave Review

Wisper 905 classic

The Electric Bike Buyers Guide reviewed 23 different electric bikes. However the Wisper 905 Classic deserves special mention achieving 4.5/5 and the lowest priced bike to do so. Particular mention is made to the quality of the components, long battery range and how comfortable the ride is. The magazine is available from most larger newsagents or contact us to order your copy. Test ride the 905 classic today.

Why it has to be a Bosch Electric Bike


We have tried all brands of crank drive but have found nothing which compares to Bosch electric bikes. They feel just like an ordinary bike but like you have the added power of Mark Cavendish. It appears more people are coming to this conclusion with many brands deciding Bosch is the electric system of choice with a maximum range of 118 miles, 36volt motor as well as improved display and controls who could argue against that. We stock two of the leading Bosch brands: KTM and AVE and have been blown away by the feedback we have recieved. Customers like other bikes but love the feel and ride of our Bosch powered bikes. Do not take our word for it why not test ride a bike today!
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